Asphalt driveways are often popular because of their low cost. It’s not hard to figure out asphalt prices. It’s a simple process of measuring the size of your driveway and applying the given asphalt cost per square foot rates. The price for an asphalt driveway is dependent on the size, grade of materials used, and whether any repairs need to be accomplished.

You’re in the market for a new driveway, but you want to make sure you get the best deal. You’ve heard about asphalt and concrete driveways, but what’s the difference? How Much Does an Asphalt Driveway Cost?

? We’ve got answers to all of your questions below!

Asphalt driveway material

Asphalt is the most common material used for driveways. It’s cheaper than concrete, and it’s more flexible in terms of design options. Asphalt can also be recycled if you decide to replace your driveway later on (which means less waste).

Asphalt is easier to repair than concrete; this makes it a good choice if you live in an area where there are frequent potholes or cracks in the road that need fixing up regularly. And last but not least: asphalt is much less expensive than concrete!

Concrete driveway material

Concrete is more expensive than asphalt. The material itself is more durable, but it’s also more expensive to install and repair.

Concrete driveways are typically made with a mixture of cement, sand and gravel. These three ingredients are mixed together in different proportions depending on your needs and preferences (you can choose how much water you want in your concrete). Once mixed together, the concrete is poured into place over top of an existing driveway or base layer (called subgrade), which will help provide support for your new driveway surface as well as give it its shape.

Fixing cracks and potholes

Cracks and potholes are a common problem with asphalt driveways. While they may not be as noticeable during the warmer months, they can become more obvious once winter sets in and the ground freezes. When this happens, you’ll want to repair these cracks so that water doesn’t seep through them and cause damage underneath your driveway.

Fixing cracks is relatively simple: you just need some asphalt patching compound (also known as cold mix) and a trowel or putty knife for spreading it on the surface of your driveway. You should also have some sandpaper handy so that you can smooth out any rough patches after applying the patching compound–this will give it an even appearance when dryer weather returns!

How long does an asphalt driveway last?

Asphalt driveways are less durable than concrete ones, but they’re also less expensive. Asphalt driveways can last anywhere between 7 to 10 years with proper maintenance and care. Concrete driveways are more expensive, but they tend to last about 15-20 years if properly maintained and cared for.

How much does it cost to make a two-car driveway?

Costs for asphalt driveways vary depending on the size and materials used. Asphalt is usually cheaper than concrete, but it can also be more expensive if you want to install an overlay over an existing driveway.


 Asphalt is less costly and easier to install, but it’s not as durable or long lasting. Concrete is more expensive and labor-intensive but lasts longer and requires less maintenance over time. Let us lead you through the steps of what you can expect when you choose to work with us, empowering you to make a knowledgeable decision. Feel free to reach out to us at 567-806-1933. We specialize in providing paving and driveway maintenance services in the vicinity of 335 N St. Clair St, Toledo, OH 43604, United States, and the surrounding areas.


What Factors Influence the Cost of an Asphalt Driveway?

Factors include size, location, site preparation, and material quality.

Is Asphalt More Affordable Than Concrete for Driveway Installation?

Generally, yes. Asphalt driveways tend to be less costly upfront.

Are There Any Ongoing Maintenance Costs for Asphalt Driveways?

Yes, periodic sealing and repairs may be required, incurring maintenance costs.

What’s the Average Lifespan of an Asphalt Driveway?

Typically, an asphalt driveway lasts around 15-20 years with proper care.

Do Different Regions or Climates Affect Asphalt Driveway Costs?

Yes, climate and local labor costs can impact the overall cost of asphalt driveways.